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Is it clear what Halfdollar is by the home page? (Yes/No)
Can you explain what it is in one sentence? (Provide example) *

Was it easy to figure out how to take action on the home page? *

Did you use the demo or just sign up? *

What was your first impression of the app? *

What did you do first when you got into the app? *

Did the difference between Fixed, Flexible, and Savings make sense? *

Did you like the fact that those different sections were there to separate your spendings? *

Would you actually use this app to help organize your money and keep a financial budget? *

How likely are you to tell a friend about Halfdollar? *

Anything else you would like to note or tell us about Halfdollar or your experience using it?

Thanks so much for trying out Halfdollar and taking this survey to provide with feedback on how to make this thing better.

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