Make & Do: Science Samples
What is your name?

Station A: Use the materials at station A to sort the phases of the moon in the correct order. List the letters associated with each phase in the correct order. (i.e. A, F, C...)

Phases of the moon
Station B: Complete the phases of the moon activity using the materials at Station B to demonstrate each phase of the moon with your Oreo. Take a picture with the camera on your iPad of your Oreo as each phase of the moon. (You can eat your work if you would like.) Then answer the following question: Which of the phases is the hardest for you to remember?

Phases of the moon
Station C: What causes the phases of the moon? Use an app of your choice to explain the answer to this question as if you were teaching the class the concept. Then write a brief sentence or two with your explanation and submit.

Phases of the moon
Station D: Demonstrate how the earth, moon and sun are involved in creating day & night. Use the video button on your iPad (and any apps of your choice) to record a brief demonstration using the materials at station D (group work).

Then answer the following question: How confident are you in your explanation of how day and night are created?
1 (not at all)- 5 (completely)

Station E: Which of the following are characteristics of the sun? Select all that apply.

Station F: Use the materials at station F to draw an imaginary planet. What would it be called and what characteristics would it have? Input your response.

Station G. Use the materials at station G to sort the planets into the appropriate order. Practice with your group and then respond to the following question: What are three differences between the planet that is closest to the sun and the one that is furthest away (in our solar system)?

Station H: What does a light year measure? *Bonus: Why do you think students get confused about light years. Input both responses below.

Thanks for exploring!
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